Wednesday, August 18, 2010

future wompers of america

i know bella will make me proud in so many ways, but i think sophie will be the one to make her daddy proud at pounders one day...


ashley said...

so ironic, i was going to come on over to your blog this evening just comment- i drove by pounders around 4 and saw a mob of students pulling up to go womp. back in the day- wasn't it friday at 4 when everyone would get off work or done with school and meet at pounders to ring in the weekend with a good womp? ahhhhh..... the good old days.

and sophie is impressive with her swimming skills, she and ivy will make great friends/roomates out here someday and i am sure they will make us all proud!

Justin said...

was that picture really of pounders? Mackenzie is loving hawaii. Se spent her Thanksgiving watching the WCT at sunset. No surf this whole thanksgiving weekend and next week looks flat. This is unheard of in November.